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Thursday, April 2, 2015

Río de Agua Viva: Our Team Members, Hayley Nichols

Joining AHMEN's Río de Agua Viva is a commitment to fundraising for some people. For others it is a commitment to pray for a cause. Others join the Río team to sponsor. Finally, a select few join us to travel, to experience the “reasons for the river.” Hayley Nichols is one of those who decided she wants to travel with us on June 1-10. When I asked Hayley to write a short introduction of herself for my blog, she said “okay” and took it a step further by making her own GoFundMe site.

Let's all pitch in any amount to help Hayley raise her team fees, as my friends Sister Eleanor and King Tall T say, in the name of Jesus!

The sooner we knock out Hayley's fundraising needs the sooner we can focus on our team's fundraising needs. Check out those needs at our new Nations Bridge site in a few days....

Whether you want to join the Río de Agua Viva as a foreign or domestic member, please know that every little bit of support you lend adds to our success in Honduras. You are part of what makes this river a living & breathing source of life for so many deserving families. Contact me to learn more.

Together, we are the difference.

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