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Friday, June 10, 2016

AHMEN's "Rio de Agua Viva" Team Continues Work With Cusuna Agents

ASI-Cusuna Followup Interviews Group Pic.jpg 

AHMEN’s Community Involvement Program boasts 50 trained graduates in Cusuna, Colón, Honduras.  After three years of conceptualizing community need and learning solutions to meeting those needs, the health promoters are charged with designing and implementing a training project in their own home communities.  Next week, AHMEN's "Rio de Agua Viva" team will meet in networking sessions with each of the following groups to help them extend their reach beyond AHMEN and the local community.

Water Project: This team has been trained on how to use and maintain Sawyer water filters and even helps do so with AHMEN’s Mt. Vernon team.  They also monitor filter usage in the community and serve as a resource for anyone with questions about water filtration.  They are looking for ways to organize, fundraise, and collaborate to expand

Irma Dolmo

Hermenegildo Castillo

First Responders: This group began training on battery-powered sphygmomanometers after an AHMEN team donated several to the training program.  Since receiving their training, the community agents now serve as first responders in their villages.  They have built trust with their community members and have developed a reputation as the people to visit when the medical doctors and nurses are unavailable.  This group seeks more training in how to conduct more specialized health screenings and how to safely treat basic medical issues with stocked first aid kits.  They would like to work with medical teams also.


Promotion of First Aid and Mosquito-Borne Illness Prevention at Mayor’s Office

Pastor Juan Polanco (Left) of Iriona Puerto is working through the local civic leaders in the mayor’s office to promote wellness in Iriona Puerto.  Polanco would like to lead more in-depth classes to organize more promoters and would like for you to visit him to discuss how to grow his mission.

HIV: Honduras is home to around 17% of Central America’s population but reports 60% of the HIV/AIDS cases for the region.  The rural areas where AHMEN teams work, and especially Garifuna communities, are at a much higher risk of increased contact with HIV/AIDS as a result of limited access to education and health care.  This group is mobilized but lacks resources and ability to network.  They are thinking big about raising awareness and prevention throughout their communities.


Land Movement: While AHMEN does not involve itself in political matters, the issue of “land rights” in Honduras is one which many of the Honduran poor are faced with on a daily basis.  This group provides answers and rallies support around the issue of land usage in the area.  The would like to learn how to better organize and raise more awareness of their core emphasis. (Not pictured or named for safety reasosn)

Feeding Center Ciriboya

Ramon Montero  and Irma Dolomo of Ciriboya work in the area of child nutrition in Ciriboya.  Their feeding kitchen provides meals to the orphaned children and the elderly in the area.  The would like to do more in terms of nutrition and sustainability.

Micro-Loans: This union of individuals is pulling their earnings together to help provide much-needed capital to community members who are in need of a small loan.  They are looking for more guidance in this regard and also would like help networking to include other individuals and organizations in their project.
Irene Bernardez, Carlota Mejia, Jacinta Mejia, Merry Bernardez, Paty Rodriguez, and Timotea Castillo of Cusuna

Replication of ASI in La Moskitia: Pastor Willinton Tejada, Onilia Nixon, and Sesma Gonzales have started an entirely new workshop replicating their entire training in their home town of Raistá.  Read here for more information!


The community agents have conceptualized improved living standards for the families and neighbors and are now putting their ideas into action.  If you would like to work with or help sponsor the ASI-Cusuna graduates, please contact me today!

Together, we are the difference.