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Wednesday, July 29, 2015

Lunch or Learn? Nobody Should Have to Choose!

Cristofer Castillo Ruiz of Ciriboya, Pastor Willington of La Moskita, and Pastor Nahun of Trujillo shadow the Río team's Taylor Looney as she conducts water quality tests in Raistá

In last week's blog I talked about Pastor Nahun's need for support. Do you remember how I explained that the support we share with Pastor Nahun will allow him to follow up with the ASI-Cusuna graduates?

Click here for Yes. Click here for No.

One of the graduates Nahun monitors is named Pastor Willington, and Pastor Willington has requested help duplicating the training he attended in Cusuna in the Miskito town of Raistá.

After meeting him last year, the Río de Agua Viva team was excited to kick off the new workshop series in La Moskitia. We held a series of two-day rotating discussion groups this past June to help Pastor Willington gauge interest in the workshop and inspire future Community Agents. It will be Pastor Willington, however, who will ensure the learning continues between AHMEN teams.

AHMEN's General Coordinator Dr. Tom Camp's response to being asked to describe Willington was “He's probably a genius.  He speaks Spanish, Miskito, and several native dialects.” Camp also reminded me how dedicated Pastor Willington was to his own training in Cusuna. After Willington proposed the idea of opening up a full 3-year workshop to his community, Camp asked him if he thought the training was really that important. Pastor Willington responded “Sometimes I skip meals to be able to attend.” After spending five days with him I know him as the man who never quits smiling!

Just four sponsorships of $25/month will keep his cheeks peeked and his chin up so that he can lead the knowledge-hungry Community Agents to graduation in 2018. The local communities and community organizations will cover the cost of meals during the workshops, but as the lead agent in charge of ASI-Raistá, Pastor Willington will need fuel for his motorcycle to meet with each of the community agents between workshops. He will need money for teaching materials, communication, and any costs associated with running the program. However, for just $100/month we can make that happen!

Pastor Willington and Community Agents who completed the Water With Blessings training this past June

If you would like to sponsor Pastor Willington as facilitator of ASI-Raistá, contact me today. Through the training he will implement with his Community Agents, the villages impacted will never have to choose between food and education again.

Pastor Willington and Community Agents who completed the Water With Blessings training this past June

Together, we are the difference.

Tuesday, July 21, 2015

Pastor Nahun Flores Teaches Environmental Preservation, Seeks Support to Continue Followup

Good Morning Friends and Neighbors,

Pastor Nahun on the Left and Pastor Mario on the Right
Today, I would like to introduce you to someone near and dear to my heart.  I met him on a whim several years back when I was working with the Lifeway team out of Nashville.  You may remember him.  You may even have worked with him before.

Now, he and I would like to ask for your support.

Pastor Nahun was the lead community agent out of ASI-Cusuna and also the pastor out of the church where the workshops were held.  Pastor Nahun has since received a new church assignment in Trujillo, but he is also conducting the follow-up work with the other Community Agents in their replication projects.  He is also already initiating the replication process in his own right.

Pastor Nahun teaches at the elementary school in Trujillo

When I asked Pastor Nahun what would be the theme of his project after graduation from ASI, he told me that he wanted to pursue work in cleaning up the communities.  Check out the YouTube video below to listen to more (Grab a Spanish-Speaking friend as a translator!).  Fast forward to the 13:50 mark.

You can also read more about what Pastor Nahun is doing to share his training with the school children in Trujillo by reading this new link from the www.honduranmissions.com website.

Yes, Pastor Nahun is doing a great job completing his directives as a graduate from AHMEN's Community Empowerment Program, but as the lead Community Agent, he is also charged with following up with his fellow graduates to make sure their replication projects are on target also.

Will you help support Pastor Nahun as an accountability officer?  He needs $50/month for gasoline for his motorcycle to travel back and forth from Trujillo to Cusuna to help the other 59 Community Agents achieve their goals like he is already doing.

A flower, once growing, cannot continue to grow without water and sunlight.  So too must someone step up to weed, water, and replant the offshoots from ASI-Cusuna.  Nahun has volunteered to be the gardener; he only needs your support to get to the garden.  Please contact me today to sign up as a sponsor for Nahun's followup needs!  

Together, we are the difference.