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Tuesday, January 30, 2018

A Christmas Shoe Box Thank You

We know why the Christmas Shoe Box program is important.  We know it is time to start working on it again.  However, right now, just take a moment to enjoy these precious moments captured by AHMEN's Calhoun Christmas Team during their journey to La Ceiba this past December.  A picture really is worth a thousand words.

Contact me to get involved in this year's program.  We need your help.  Christmas comes but once a year; however, for these kids, Christmas only comes because of you.

Together, we are the difference.

Tuesday, January 23, 2018

El Matador Ahora Lucha en El Cielo

The bullfighter now fights from heaven.

Any time I was in Honduras with Dr. Tom Camp we would also play a "get to know you" game on the first night of a mission team.  Whether I was leading the team or he was, Camp's answer to the question "Tell us something fun about yourself?" would always be the same.  Dr. Camp would always humbly tell us all that he was a bullfighter when he was a young man.

Last week, as I prayed a miracle would save my dear uncle from the jaws of his last bull, I took solace knowing that his last big bullfight would be a victory no matter the outcome.  Whether our sweet, gentle friend stood victoriously over a slaughtered steer or if he was left dying in the dust consumed by the maddened bovine, his response would have been the same: "I'm just doing grand."

And in his last days our mentor, partner, and father kept up his famous positive attitude.  From diagnosis to deathbed, his focus continued to be on whoever came to visit him.  His choice to not focus on the end but on the positivity in the lives of those around him, whether he was in Saragossa or San Pedro Sula, is the definition of being on God's side.  You can fill the slough around he and my Aunt Judy's house with the blessings they have bestowed upon this world, but that was never his goal.  His goal was to simply fill our hearts with the same warm love and compassion of his savior Jesus Christ, and for that, we say "Way to go buddy!"

Together, we are the difference.