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Sunday, January 18, 2015

Río de Agua Viva - 2015

ASI-Jutiapa Water Demonstration by Water with Blessings

Río de Agua Viva” will continue its series of educational development workshops in Honduras this June 1-10, 2015. We will need team members, sponsors, fundraisers, and prayer warriors. How will you join the team this year?

The 2013 Team!

June 1: Arrive in Honduras

June 2-3: Los Laureles Business Development
  • Possible Topics
    • 10 steps to fair trade status, Cataloging, New Techniques, Libraries, Motivation and Mentorship, Tai Chi and Massage, etc.
  • Transition to next phase of mission.
Nathan Whitley of Decatur, Al teaching business English to Yulian

June 4: Where the sidewalk Ends
  • Travel to Pueblo Nuevo
  • Meet fellow missionaries and community agents.
  • Practice Educational Talks
    • Appropriate technology talk topics include: the 1st 3 minutes of life, water purification, long-term planning, etc.  What would you like to teach??

June 5-9 : Goin' for a Boat Ride!
  • Ride up river to Raista
  • Begin 2-day workshop in La Moskitia
  • Day and a Half workshop at ASI-Cusuna.
  • Return to Helens
  • Play time 

Alice Leeth headed to Cayos Cochinos

June 10: Back to the airport and to the U.S.

Join the Río team in several exciting ways today! First, we need you to pray for our safety and success. Second, we need you to help us fundraise our purchase of team teaching supplies like Sawyer Water Filters and Embrace Baby Blankets. We need you to sponsor our team members. Finally, we need you to go to Honduras with us. You are the best teacher there is when another one isn't around! We all have gifts to share which just aren't available to the friends we will make.  Contact me to make your reservation today.

Together, we are the difference.