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Wednesday, November 11, 2015

Your Special Day Can Make Someone Else's

We all know someone who we just can't find a gift for each Christmas.  Heck, we can't even come up with a good birthday present for them.  There is one in your life.  I've got plenty in mine.

Well, as we quickly approach the holiday season, consider this featured blog post for ideas.  When my friend David Hutzel got married this summer, he decided he didn't want anyone to even have to think twice about what to get he and his new bride.  

David writes:

  To reach the decision to ask for donations as a wedding gift rather
than 100 Crate & Barrel dinner plates, Erica and I had to come to a
few realizations.  First, our modest apartment is already full and
anything we truly need we can add as we go.  Second, we knew we were moving soon and probably will move again, so we don't need more things to move.  In addition, neither one of us had any desire to go through a wedding registry or collect a bunch of packaged present, the packaging of which will significantly add to the large amount of trashour wedding already generated.  Finally, most importantly, Erica and I have projects that we care about deeply, we believe in, we have dedicated significant amounts of our own resources to, and that ultimately can benefit more from donations than us and can pass that benefit on to multitudes.

How did we do it?  On our wedding website and invitation cards we
asked for donations only to our selected charities.  At any point in
time our guests could follow the links to donate online.  The wedding reception also included donation boxes with the story of our selected charities and envelopes to enclose cash or checks.  Although we missed out on a free food dehydrator or muffin pan, we're very satisfied that we won't need a 2nd Uhaul for our upcoming move and helped some causes we believe in along the way.. 

So the next time you have a birthday, anniversary, event, or holiday, why don't you consider blessing a cause beyond materialism!  AHMEN is such a cause and would be honored to share in your special day.

Your guests may really appreciate your forethought.  If they get you a gift anyway, you still win.  If they don't get you anything, then they came to your wedding for the free booze anyway!

To learn more about the Negocios con Amigos team, David and my business teaching team, contact me today!

Together, we are the difference.