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Wednesday, November 23, 2016

All Aboard!!! - Rio de Agua Viva 2017

"Education is the most powerful weapon which you can use to change the world."
-Nelson Mandela

Going on five years now AHMEN's Rio de Agua Viva team forms and travels to Honduras to do precisely that.  We aim to change the world the most-isolated Hondurans live in each day.  We aim to change the reality of malnutrition to one of nourishment, sickness from uncleaned water to wellness and independence with filtered water, and broken to healed all through public health education.

2013 - Cusuna, Jutiapa, La Ceiba, and Yorito
2014 - La Ceiba, Jutiapa, and Cusuna
2015 - Cusuna, Jutiapa, La Ceiba, and Raista
2016 - Cusuna and Raista

This year, we have to step it up a notch.  There is no time to lose.  Remove the fluff!  Our patience and preparation as volunteers outside our own national boundaries must continue and grow.  Let's get down to the nitty gritty!

This year I am proposing an expansion of the Rio team to include each of the different ACSI workshops.

I would like this "team" to be a combination of teams: A Team - Raista, B Team: ASI-Jutiapa, C Team - ASI-Cusuna, D Team: ASI-Yorito, E-Team: Las Marias

The goal is to use this team as an apparatus to evaluate, followup, and document project development in each of the workshop locations.  The goal is also to have each "break off" team function under a trained team leader in such a way as to encourage a full, larger team return regularly to make each workshop their area of focus.

The function of the Rio team has always been to support each of the ACSI workshops, but in 2017 we aspire to have 3-5 person mini-teams to work at each location during the same June 21-July 1.

What kinds of skills are we looking for??

Spanish fluency, medical background, teaching background, photography & videography, long-term planning, communication, water management, composting & family gardening, life guard, bookkeeping, feminism, microbusiness, abuse and addiction prevention, engineers, community development, sustainability, appropriate technology, writers, social media people, students of all varieties, and nice people in general.

The cost of the team is only $1700, and I would like to invite you to a Dec 1 Google Hangout meeting at 5:30 PM CST to tell you how you can raise your money.  We will also discuss more of the details and answer questions regarding the team.

Just send me an email, call, or Facebook to RSVP.

If you want to be part of real, transformative change in the world, if you want to see a part of the world that few others will ever experience, if you want to meet some of the nicest people you will ever come in contact with, it is time to get on board.

Together, we are the difference.