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Thursday, September 15, 2011

Sustainable Discipleship in Honduras

Whether the next statement will cost or earn this blog new readers is just a risk I will have to take.  I am a huge fan of the hit sitcom "Seinfeld."  I have seen every episode and can pick up on subtleties connecting conversations originally aired seasons apart.  And when I recently learned of a new project Leisha Boulware is starting with AHMEN, I was reminded of both the balancing act of life and a quote from "Seinfeld."  In one episode Mr. Pitt, Elaine's future boss, suggests she has some grace (a reference to an earlier scene where she is told a person either has grace or doesn't have grace).  Elaine responds "Just some?" and Mr. Pitt says "Well, you don't want too much grace or your won't be able to stand."  I know..I know..what point am I trying to make with an obscure "Seinfeld" reference?  Without balance we will fall over too, and I imagine Leisha's idea can provide just what AHMEN needs in order to balance commitments to supporting communities in physical sustainability with a similarly-guided focus on spiritual sustainability.  I hope you are as eager to take the risk to see what develops as I am.

I have a vision for developing sustainable discipleship for children in Honduras. I traveled to Honduras three times in the last year focusing on three separate communities: La Union, Oak Ridge, Roatan and La Ceiba. On my March journey to Honduras, I spent the entire trip simply listening to the people who directly work with children, youth and adults. This was a life changing experience and confirmed my God-given vision to strive for sustainable ministry.  Most of the leaders I met with in Honduras made the same or similar comment, “no one had ever asked them and spent time listening to their perspective. This may or may not be completely accurate, but I do believe we have a tendency to “go and do” instead of embracing the importance of “ the ministry of presence.”
Believing people can be the change..

On my last trip in June, we brought backpacks full of supplies and curriculum and spent time with community leaders teaching them how to use the materials after we left. It is my hope to send lockable chests on the AHMEN containers for each church filled with supplies for 6 months to a year. We were limited to bringing only 6 of the 15 backpacks needed (luggage and weight limitations). Additionally, we found the churches needed a locked container to keep things from walking off.
After much prayer, my current thought is to create the mission organization entitled, Heartprints 4 Honduras.”  For me, the bottom line is: developing sustainable discipleship programs for children through prayer, equipping, encouragement and follow-up. Another way to simply say this-strive for maximize Kingdom building, transformation and “being the intimate hands and feet of Christ” through relational education and support.
Looking from a purely Kingdom building perspective and effectiveness, it seems logical to not limit oneself to one local congregation, but be available to partner with any church or secular mission organization.

Heartprints 4 Honduras Functions Through:
     ·       Working long term with communities in Honduras holistically to build relationships and assess environment for life-change.
     ·       Developing an effective training program to equip, prepare and train Heartprints team members in the United States for partnering with communities in Honduras.
     ·       Equipping leaders in Honduras for sustainable humanitarian programs and discipleship. Provide on-going prayer, encouragement, support and resources.
     ·       Paradigm shift from old school concept of rescuing and enabling to giving Hondurans ownership, equipping and multiplying skills.
     ·       Paint handprint murals-I named our unique mission group “Heartprints 4 Honduras.” One big surprise during our last mission trip was the response to painting handprint murals on the walls. Just a little paint, some sweat, and lots of laughter seem to kick start relationships, produce God excitement and leave lasting impressions of hope and love.
Arboles de Vida

I know that right now I am in a season of prayer, something I’ve never really stopped long enough to do. What I believe God has put on my heart, will not happen overnight, it will need numerous hours just seeking God and his wisdom.  Having said that, I also sense urgency to go to the next level of commitment to God and to those in need (here-Honduras-where ever they are)..
In order to raise funds for this project, I have additionally started JUNK 4 JESUS."  I take junk and refashion (upcycle) it into new and beautiful items for sale. On every tag and business card, I have  II Corinthians 5:17 displayed, “we are a new creation, the old is gone, the new is here.” I have tested some of my items at local craft fairs and have initially been amazed at the conversations the booth has created about missions.
At this point, I am not in a position to be an independent non-profit organization. Therefore, I think the specialized knowledge I can bring to an already dynamic mission organization would be beneficial to us both. I would be interested in your comments and feedback.
Humbly Serving,
Leisha Boulware


Since presenting her plans, AHMEN has decided to allow Leisha to operate independently under AHMEN's umbrella for one year.  I have also asked Leisha to pray on how "Heartprints 4 Honduras" and "Junk 4 Jesus" might join forces with the AHMEN-SIFAT Initiative.  

AHMEN is blessed to be associated with such a vision as Leisha's.  How you can help Leisha realize her vision?