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Tuesday, April 7, 2015

Life Stories from ASI-Yorito, Spring 2015

Empowerment is enabling a community to overcome its situation, and it only comes through education.  The AHMEN-SIFAT Initiative is not as attractive as a feeding kitchen or an orphanage because a donation does not go toward a readily solvable crisis like hunger and homelessness.  Education takes time.  However, empowerment prevents and resolves the need for soup kitchens and children's homes from the get go.  Join this exciting and valuable project today; we need your help!  Read the following report prepared by Byron Morales to learn about some of the individual community agents and how they contribute to the empowerment process in Yorito.

Community Agent Miriam Zulema Velasquez lives in Yorito. She is committed attending the training and at the same time she serves the community from her house receiving lab samples to process at the Yoro Hospital for low costs provided by the Hospital.

Community Agent Sergio Ramos from Portillo community, is the Community Coordinator for youths, developing programs to motivate them and deter their involvement with gangs. The subject on HIV is what he will be replicating in the community with Youth Focal Groups.

Wilmer Jovany Alvarado Ramirez, from Uwaco Community is one of the most active and critical participants in the learning process. He is responsible for a group of 15 youths in his community. Since the beginning he was requesting resources to work with them Now he has in his hands materials and methodology to replicate the subject on HIV.

Nuria Johana Murillo Palma is 19 and is one of the students attending the workshops representing the local High School at Yorito. As part of a work group during the workshop she is applying the methodology. She is planning to study the Nurse career.

Melvin Lopez, one of the Local Committee members contributes always with the logistic during the workshops… laptop, group’s discussion and more.

Byron Morales, your ASI Coordinator, developing the HIV subject.

The work Byron is doing is the slow work of development that contributes to a more peaceful and just society.  Please begin donating to his success today, or contact me to learn how to lead a supplemental course at one of the ASI workshops.

Together, we are the difference.

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