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Thursday, April 30, 2015

An Ongoing State of Emergency in Honduras: How You Can Help?

Before reading in full, click below to learn why you should donate to an awesome long-term education project in Honduras.

In a chat I heard on NPR, an anthropologist commented on the effect an emergency has on an individual's willingness to donate time and money to a cause. After 9/11, people opened up their pocket books for the fire departments in New York City. After Katrina, folks emptied their wallets to help provide food and shelter for those whose lives had been destroyed. After the tsunami in Indonesia, money flowed into international relief organizations. And now with the earthquake in Nepal, an emergency in every sense of the word, money from the masses is beginning to flow to a common cause.  Baltimore and a justice system that is just are causes as worthwhile as those above.  The cause that I consider an ongoing and perpetual emergency is the Republic of Honduras.  God put me there, and I ask you to join me.  

Is the injustice of a corrupt government made feeble by drug gang conquistadors not an emergency? Are not the crimes of children eating out of trash cans, drinking out of puddles, and suffering from preventable disease not emergencies? Does the deforestation of indigenous land not qualify as an emergency condition? Is it not an emergency when God's people are being forgotten because their cause does not trend on Facebook and Twitter?  

AHMEN's Community Empowerment Program teaches communities how to develop local solutions to local issues like the aforementioned ones above. Dr. Byron Morales teaches communities to build pathways out of poverty. He trains local leadership to be the “eyes and ears” on the ground so short-term mission teams can develop more appropriate outreach through up-to-date information. Byron initiates conversations to help communities critically think about their own conditions. Instead of wondering why God would punish a community with the undue injustices of disease and violence, “Agentes de Salud Integral” learn to contemplate how God's mercy and justice is motivation to heal a world torn apart by greed.

ASI-Jutiapa, 2014: Messages of hope build confidence and encourage leaders to continue regardless of setbacks.

You can and should be a part of helping any community in the world build bridges toward prosperity, but I am calling on you to take an active role in Honduras.

  1. Donate to our team via our new fundraising site.
  2. SHARE our fundraising site across Social Media.

Contribute what you can and ask five friends to do the same. Ask your 5-person team to also have 5 of each of their friends pledge to keep the chain going in continuum.  Help me make the fundraising site go viral.  Together we can help local leaders to transform their communities into healthier and safer spaces.

Children need clean water and education.  They need you to get it!

The people of Honduras demand answers, change, and respect same as we do. By donating to AHMEN's Community Empowerment Program, community agents will have their demands met through the dignity of education.

It is past time to take a stand. Join the movement that is Río de Agua Viva today!

Together, we are the difference.

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