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Monday, April 27, 2015

Will You Provide School Supplies & Gas Money? The Teacher Has Work To Do!

The leader, coordinator, and teacher of the “Agentes de Salud Integral” in Jutiapa, Cusuna, Yorito, and soon Raistá, is a man named Dr. Byron Morales. Byron is an expert in community development. He understands the amount of time it takes to change the mentality of poverty-stricken villages from a mindset of helplessness to one of empowerment. He understands that it takes time for a boy with little time to dream of a future free of back-breaking manual labor to develop the capacity to know it is safe to aspire to become a doctor. Byron understands that it takes time for a young girl to overcome her experiences as a victim of perpetual abuse and leave her grandmother's home to become an advocate for the voiceless. He understands that it takes time for a community held hostage by gangs to go from living in fear to end their captivity by implementing a neighborhood watch program. He knows it takes time, and he continues his work diligently under the guise that every moment counts.

This Wednesday I will feature Byron's latest report from the Spring training at ASI-Jutiapa. On Friday I will feature three life stories presented at the meeting. I will feature the remaining seven life stories later next week.

In the meantime, I please consider adding AHMEN's Community Empower Program and Byron Morales as part of charitable contributions. It costs around $2,500 every three months to fund the series of four quarterly ASI workshops.  For that amount 200 individuals receive education to which they would otherwise not have access.  Any and all contributions toward this cause sustain this very important catalyst for change.

To help fund the ASI workshops, or "school supplies and gas money" for Byron, please click here now! Please respond to me via email to learn how to plan a team to work with Byron and his community agents. What he is doing with the people of Honduras is not only meaningful and effective, it adds value to each moment of life for all involved.

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Together, we are the difference.

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