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Thursday, February 6, 2014

We're All In This Together

Hola Amigos,

When you get a chance, check out two other blogs I have discovered about life in Honduras.

The first is "Honduras Resiste." It is currently discussing the popular campesino movement resisting land grabs and human rights abuses by the Dinant corporation.  Dinant, of  course, is one of the companies growing miles and miles and miles and miles and miles of  inedible African palm trees on land that malnourished campesinos say they could use to grown food.  Read about the effort to free the movement's current poster child and political prisoner "Chavelo" Morales.

The second blog is called "Katlyn In Honduras."  Katlyn is a volunteer ministering in Honduras and Nicaragua.  She shares smiles and her stories through a fun little blog.  I like reading her blog because many of her reflections are some we have all had in our travels to Honduras over the years:


"As I sit here and think of 2013, I think
of where I was a year back. A year before one of the greatest years of my life. I think of how lost I was. If you followed my blog in Nicaragua, you know I was aching. I was trying to find where I belong. I was trying to find God's will for my life. It soon became clear I was meant to be back in Honduras...and that’s where I went."

Why am I featuring two very different types of blogs on my blog?  They are both about justice.  That's why.

Honduras Resiste strives to tell the world about injustice in Honduras on the macro level discussing politics and the 21st Century corporate feudal system.  On the other, Katlyn talks about the daily injustices of Honduran life like street begging, teenage pregnancy, and an abundance of death all around.

The two are linked and so should they be linked in our mission work.

I will be leading two teams attempting to empower local leaders through revolving supplemental education talks.  My March 22-30 team will focus on teaching areas of business unfamiliar to the ASI-Jutiapa community agents and Los Laureles jewelry students, and my June 17-26 team will include topics in public health and business.

Please contact me today to learn more about AHMEN and more about how to join one of our many relief/development teams to Honduras.

AHMEN is also raising $22,000 for the AHMEN-SIFAT Initiative.  Please visit our website and register for a $10/month donation today!

Together, we are the difference.

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