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Wednesday, February 12, 2014

Winter 2014 Update on ASI-Yorito

My Dear Friends in AHMEN,

It is a pleasure to greet you from the cradle of Aguan Yorito, Yoro Central America in connection with this three-day development workshop, January 31 to February 01. Even in light of the current economic situation of our people, about 48 people, and mostly women, are still involved.  That means we have leaders willing to stay on as the coordinating committee!

Byron Morales spoke on self-esteem on the first day and identity on the second day.  He talked about how we are all valuable beings from our creation to our death.  Byron worked the group through a series of enrichment exercises where we were "put in the shoes" of our fellow attendees.  This helped us both see life from the prospective of our sisters and brothers but also to see that everyone has troubles leading to insecurity.  We ended with the conclusion of the first aid instruction talks from the firefighters in Yorito.  This is a skill we would like for everyone in the town to learn due to our lack of medical care access.

We conducted several meetings to manage food supplies in local businesses with whom we obtained good results and even set up talks with the new mayor of the town.  He said he would support us during his tenure.  In addition, the delegate in charge of the office of women will participate and join us during the process. She is on the committee as well as other participants.  Given that the committee staff found ourselves lacking in funds, we are proud of the participants contributing the charged L. 30.00,  but money is not a stumbling block.  We need support, but we will continue regardless.  If participants do not have money they are welcome to bring other beans, pasteles , naranjas, bananas, cassava, coffee, etc.    We can say that we are walking until we can run!

                          Best wishes and may God bless you always,

                                       Fanny Aviles y Melvin Lopez

To learn how to support ASI-Yorito, or how to join teams working there, contact me today!  

Together, we are the difference.

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