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Monday, February 17, 2014

Happy "Precedents" Day...Mario Adonis Joins ASI-Jutiapa!

Happy Presidents' Day!  Today we celebrate our commaner-in-chief, our nation's highest elected office.  Whether you're a fan of Washington, Lincoln, TR, or FDR, each individual who has occupied the Oval Office deserves recognition and respect.

This is difficult amid the current partisan bickering in our own country and, I imagine, even more difficult in Honduras where elections are disputed by great swaths of people.

That's why this Presidents' Day I am featuring an individual who knows that the job of a more prosperous future is not that of one person but an entire nation. 

AHMENCHIMES, and CHHF have had the pleasure of Mario Miraldo's leadership for many years.  Now his son, Mario Adonis, is training at ASI-Jutiapa to learn to better set the precedent for his church, community, and country.  Here is Mario Adonis' report:

Hi, I'm Mario Adonis.  This is my summary of what happened in the Agentes Comunitarios de SaludIntegral (ASI-Jutiapa) workshop.  It was a great experience. Byron is a great speaker on the subject and was able to handle the issue very well.  We did not just sit and listen but participated continuously on topic. I felt really good to be able to share with people my own experiences and to listen to others' perspectives as well.  We studied the necessity of group participation and getting along with the group, which are the real causes of problems in our society.  

We saw that everything goes beyond the superficial or what we see with our eyes and learned that most of the problems of our society are due to the irresponsibility of the members that form it.  We learned about the reason for all the problems that exist in our society and the roots that we must fight to fix them.

The fight against poverty, homelessness, hunger, malnutrition, injustice, and violence are national problems in both the United States and in Honduras.  They are problems which must be addressed at every level of society.  The AHMEN-SIFAT Initiative teaches just that.  Please join a team to work with ASI community agents like Mario Adonis, and/or DONATE today!

Together, we are the difference.

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