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Monday, March 10, 2014

An International Woman to Celebrate: Fanny Aviles

In honor of International Woman's Day,  I give you a message from ASI-Yorito's Fanny Amarilis Aviles Velasquez!! 

It is a pleasure to greet you from the cradle of Aguan Yorito, Yoro Central America.  In connection with this two-day development workshop on Friday January 31-February 1 we had 48 attendees, mostly women, representing several surrounding communities.  

As the coordinating committee, we conducted several meetings to have food supplies donated by local businesses.  We obtained good results and even set up talks with the new mayor regarding the 3-year diploma. The mayor said he will continue to sponsor our workshops throughout his term.  In addition, the delegate in charge of the office of women participated with us during the weekend.  She is on the coordinating committee with other agents.

Fanny with a PET recipient

Given that the committee staff found ourselves cash-strapped more than usual, participants contributed mostly with the requisite contribution of L. 30.00, but we welcomed others with no money to bring other foodstuffs like beans, pasteles, naranjas, bananas, cassava, coffee, etc. 

Comandante Vallejo of the Yoro Fire Department

We can say that we are walking.

On Friday Byron Morales handled the issue of individual sovereignty, self-esteem, and identity. On the second day the firefighters of the city of Yoro followed up the previous workshop on first aid. 

Every Individual Matters

Keep in touch!

Fanny and Melvin Aviles Lopez.

Would you like to take a team to work with Fanny and the Community Agents in Yorito?  Would you like to make a donation to support the day-to-day running o the AHMEN-SIFAT Initiative?  Contact me today!

Together, we are the difference.

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