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Saturday, March 28, 2015

Coffee, AIDS, & Tolerance at ASI-Yorito

True development work takes into account the individuality of the human element.  When Byron Morales and the local coordinating committee began planning the Spring ASI - Yorito workshop they knew many people could not make it due to it being coffee harvest season.  That's why there were only 25 Community Agents at the gathering on March 13-14.  Therefore the local planners decided to hold a second workshop for the harvesters who couldn't make it in a few weeks.  In a sense, they were modeling the tolerance they were about to teach.  

The videos below are with ASI-Yorito coordinators Fanny Aviles and Melvin Lopez.  The report below was prepared by Byron Morales:


1. To focus on HIV-AIDS prevention in specifics risk contexts, like alcohol and drugs consumption, negative influence of pairs, critical family situations, or in general adverse psycho-social and affective conditions,  as factors to risky sexual behaviors.

2. To facilitate dynamics for interactive participation to generate dialogue, discussion, reflection and proposals for changes on HIV-AIDS prevention.

3. To challenge and train the Agents to replicate the subject with focal groups in their communities during the three months before the next workshop and with at least three groups, one per month.


1.) 25 out of 50 Agents took the workshop.

2.) The Agents learned the difference between Sexuality, Sex and Gender.

3) The Agents learned the different risk behavior levels to get infected.

4.) The Agents discussed about Sexual life in Adolescence and the HIV risk.

5.) The Intimacy in Adolescence and the risk was discussed and learned form a medical and psychological perspective.

6.) Materials, methodologies and dynamics were shared and learned for the Agents to replicate the subject with focal groups in their communities.

7.) The Agents learned principles about non-discrimination of homosexuals or people living with HIV-AIDS. For some of them coming from a very religious context this was new, this was something that they have not had the opportunity to discuss in their churches. Some of them knew only a condemnatory approach. 

8.) The group commitment: “No Judges No Lawyers”, just Facilitators of a Human Perspective based in Love of God!

In the coming days, be on the lookout for personal accounts from the workshop.  If teaching tolerance is something you think you would like to be a part of, contact me today!  You may donate to the program's sustainability or volunteer your time to join a team that works at one of the ASI workshops.

Together, we are the difference.

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