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Sunday, January 17, 2016

2016 Update on Jutiapa: Second Edition

Did you think that I already posted all of the stories out of the last ASI meeting in Jutiapa in the last blog?  Did you think all of Byron Morales' work could be contained in a single post?  Not a chance!  Continue reading about all of the great work he is doing in Honduras.

Miriam Castellano Alfaro, one the midwives invited to the workshop, shared her experience delivering babies and also gave testimony of the high domestic violence and mistreatment of pregnant women.

Kenia Chavarria, of the Jutiapa CAs, presented the packet she received from the Gender Program of the Municipality during a training to prevent domestic violence. She shared how many women come to learn more about access to birth control with their partners, but also how many more men remain absent.  Chavarria talked about her hypothesis that men don't attend the program out of fear of being denounced for violence against their partners. This is one of the reasons for the tremendous importance of our trainings on gender issues.
Violence against women is not unique to Honduras.  It is a worldwide issue; however, femicide in Honduras is on the rise.  
Click here today to learn how to support community development in Honduras that addresses violence against women.  Contact me here to learn how to teach women's empowerment on a volunteer team to Honduras this year! 

Together, we are the difference.