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Wednesday, January 6, 2016

2016 Update on Jutiapa: First Edition

ASI-Cusuna and ASI-Yorito have graduated, but ASI-Jutiapa still has a year to go before its community health agents complete their training.  What have these health promoters been up to lately?  Here is the latest from Byron Morales:

Sonia Barahona, continues involved in the Jutiapa CA training. She supported the past workshop in October by promoting attendance and finding some community midwives to attend and share their experience, since the subject was Care of Pregnant Woman.  Dunia and Magdalena Sanchez from Agua Dulcita have been training with Sonia to attend to women experiencing premature labor.

From the Jutiapa Health Center, two physicians, Dr. Melvin Pacheco & Dr. Ena Suarez, supported the training on Care of Pregnant Women. They presented a PowerPoint and lead a practical training on emergency prenatal care.

Lic. Carla Cardona, from the Health Public Unit of the Major's Office, helped in the workshop coordination. She has registered all the CAs to support the network working with women in the community about gender and violence issues.
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