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Thursday, June 25, 2015

My Most Successful Team to Date ... Because of You!!

Sooooo, in my last blog post I asked whether you thought the Río team stuck to its schedule while in Honduras this year. If you guessed that we threw the schedule out the window “and my suitcase out there too” then "tonight I'll be staying here with you!"

We were a very successful team in part because we made a detailed schedule with which we could alter our daily plans. Without a plan in place, we would have been totally lost, and there was too much at stake just to “wing it.”

We were also a very successful team because of the tremendous amount of support we had back in Walker County, Alabama through our chief fundraisers. I wish to extend my sincerest gratitude to Briana Camp, Windy Williams, and Brenda “Nana” Williams for all they did to raise the money our team needed to provide enough water filters to share clean water with over 1000 children and adults!

Thank you to all the businesses and churches who sponsored our team's fundraising for Sawyer Water filters through Water With Blessings.

We also would like to thank B & B Discount Tires and Witcher Office Supply  for their donations!

Finally, thank you to all the individuals who sponsored this team!

Nath T. Camp Jr.
Alice Leeth
Grady Cockrell
Jane Roberts
James Hubbard
John Williams
Savanna Johnson
Jennifer Key
Gavin Franklin
Gage Franklin
Emily Arthurs
Cory Camp
DJ  Calvert
Saedie and Klaire Williams
Klayton Williams
Ben Camp
Anabel Camp
Corbitt White Jr.
Hailey Terry

Without the support of our "Domestic Missionaries" AHMEN teams like Río de Agua Viva simply would not exist.  

If you would like to be a part of our team as a fundraiser, donor, prayer partner, and/or team member, please contact me today!

It is not the team members who travel to Honduras who are etching away at injustice.  It is not just the donors and fundraisers.  The prayer partners can't do it alone, but together, we are the difference.

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