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Saturday, June 27, 2015

AHMEN: The Next Generation

Good Morning Team Leadership, Friends, Family, Fellow & Future Volunteers:

If you grew up watching Gene Rodenberry's original Star Trek series, you have to admit you were pretty excited when Star Trek: The Next Generation came out over twenty years later.  There were new characters, new weapons, and new worlds to visit, and most importantly, a new timely drama reflective of its 1960s predecessor was back in your living room each week.  I personally benefited from hours of "energizing" from one room of the house to another with my Captain Picard, and X-Men, action figures.  As a kid, I was tickled as pink as a phaser fire when the excitement of my parents' generation arrived in mine.

We humans have to keep the passion alive, don't we?  We constantly have to revamp what is valuable about society to ensure the good works, or good programming, is not lost through time.  It is the same way with AHMEN!

What future AHMEN leaders to you know?

Every year team members identify projects they would like to pursue.  A novice or veteran volunteer sees something that sticks in their craw.  Instead of losing focus by adding these new projects to your own team's schedule, encourage/facilitate those members to build a team of their own.  It doesn't have to happen overnight, but there is one important step those new team leaders have to take.

In order to keep the big ball of glory that is AHMEN  rolling into the future, we must identify the next generation of leadership.  In order to do, those burgeoning members must go through team leader training, and I would like to schedule a team leader training for September.

Please send me the September Saturday you prefer and the name of the individual in need of new training or refresher course.

Training costs $20 and will last from 10 AM - 2 PM at River of Living Water United Methodist Ministries at 1401 Jones Dairy Road in Jasper, Al.

See you there!

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