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Wednesday, May 6, 2015

ASI-Jutiapa Spring 2015: Life Stories 1-3

It is difficult to fundraise for AHMEN's Community Empowerment Program. I think when I talk to be about our program their responses are all very positive, but I don't think they see a reason to fund it. I have often wondered why this is. Is it because we are raising money for education – and abstract concept – and not for a particular person's livelihood? If so, I can't imagine anyone reading the life stories below and not saying to themselves “I am going to donate to make sure this person may continue going to school!”

The following reports were prepared by Dr. Byron Morales at the most-recent ASI-Jutiapa workshop:

1. Carmen Giron is the new coordinator named by the Mayor's Office. She is doing the best job finding the logistic support from the Municipality to cover materials and meals for the workshop.

2. Yulian from the Los Laureles jewelry school attended and mobilized three more women from this program into action!

3. Gaby Munguia, one the youths attending the program organizes group dynamics and role-play scenarios to keep the Agents alert! She is part of the Youths Network Program organized by the Municipality.

Education is so difficult to acces for school children around Honduras. Imagine how difficult it is for adults to access continuing education! Donate to fund ongoing sustainable health education workshops across Honduras. You can build the leadership and social capital of communities very much in need of your help. Join us.

Together, we are the difference.

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