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Monday, October 28, 2013

Los Laureles and YOU

Look what arrived in the mail!

Janet Espinosa and many others regularly support the Jewelry School at the La Ceiba city dump community of Los Laureles.  Many people gather unwanted jewelry from their social clubs and Sunday School classes.  Others actually get on Ebay and Etsy and purchase individual jewels, beads, wire, etc. and send to AHMEN to send to the jewelry school.  The "Río de Agua Viva" team even goes down to work alongside jewelry teacher Peggie Hurlston and her students to teach basic English, communication, beading, and business skills.  Whatever way you can contribute, please do so.  This is a community, once approached, we cannot let down by creating dependency or guaranteeing failure.  They deserve the full love and compassion of which we are all capable.

Some ideas being tossed around that you can encourage include:

-Investing in Peggie's education

-Gathering a group of volunteers to learn how to make the paper bead jewelry of famous fair trade groups like BeadforLife

-Taking your "friendship bracelet" making skills down to Honduras to share with the students 

-Working directly with Dr. Ezekiel Nichols as part of the "brains" of the operation by ushering up supply chains and long-term goals

-Having your family learn to make a gem polisher and share the skills (including maintenance and repair) with the school at Los Laureles

-Having your mission team dedicate a portion of your time in Honduras to teach a basic business skills workshop

-Investing in the transportation costs of Peggie and her students as they attend ASI-Belaire

-Finding other organizations interested in collaborating at Los Laureles! 

-Simply taking a few hours out of your mission teams' schedules to share a prayer and purchase handmade items from the school

To learn more about AHMEN and our work with communities and organizations in Honduras, contact us here today!

Together, we are the difference.

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