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Tuesday, September 17, 2013

Alazne Arrives!

The temperature wasn't that high.  Neither was the humidity, but I was pushmowing a five-goat field in September in Alabama.  I blame my sweat count on the fact that it hadn't been a very warm summer until here recently.  I was chugging water like it was water; however, nothing could take my mind off the heat.

What is this thing??

Then, just as I was finishing up mowing the lawn, the mail lady drove up the driveway in rare fashion to deliver a package that wouldn't fit in the mailbox.

What is it, boy??

Remembering from Saturday morning cartoons that I should always have my canine companion check the contents of my mail with his keen sense of smell, I laid the package the down in the yard.

After giving the package the go ahead, I inspected the parcel further.

It's from Grampa!

Seeing that the return address listed Sam "Grampa" Walker as the sender, I knew what it was...

Alazne had arrived!

What kinds of miracles will Alazne provide...?

Compassion, humanity, sharing, and caring lead thousands of loving individuals to volunteer in and donate to Honduran communities each year.  David Hutzel had a computer.  Sam Walker cleaned it up.  Now, someone in need of a way to communicate with the world in Honduras can do so.  What do you have to share with others?  

We need your time and offerings.  Contact AHMEN today to learn how to join a team or invest in a project in Honduras!

Together, we are the difference.

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