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Wednesday, August 7, 2013

Río de Agua Viva - Cusuna Interviews, Pt. 1

We were just a small team with a big dream.  James had only been to Honduras once and Nathan never at all.  Mario lives in Honduras and travels with teams back and forth to the Cusuna area throughout the year.  I had been to Cusuna as recently as January with the Lifeway team, but we all determined to return to record a story.  The story we hoped to record was as much about the training of the AHMEN-SIFAT Community Agents as it was the story of the same Agents talking about their own personal experiences.  I hope to begin releasing the interviews soon...Well, just as soon as the editing process picks up.

The view from the mission house

Pastor Nahun preaches at the Church of God

Pastor Nahun

Pastor Nahun and I practicing for the interviews

Lydia was one of the first to volunteer

Wherever you hang your mosquito net is home

If you are interested in joining an AHMEN team for research, documentation, or just photo/video-taking fun contact us today!!  There are stories in need of being captured, and YOU are the perfect person to do it.

Together, we are the difference.

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