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Wednesday, August 28, 2013

Río de Agua Viva - From Garifuna and Spanish to Sign Language

Miguel and Miguel
So where was that last picture taken in my previous blog post?  Who is that man in front of the water purification system?   Wellllllll.....AHMEN's own Peggie Polhemus sent in the correct answer and will receive an original piece of jewelry from the Los Laureles jewelry school when she arrives at the Foothills Festival on September 7 in Jasper, Al.  She answered correctly that the man in the photo was Alfredo, Mariana's husband, at the deaf school in Plan de Flores.   


Plan de Flores is far, far away from Cusuna, but Mariana and her deaf son Josue travel to each of the workshops every quarter to learn how to lift up their community.  Mariana first went with Josue to sign for him as his translator, and now she is one of of the chief community agents at ASI-Cusuna.  No AHMEN-SIFAT documentary team would be complete without her story! Mariana not only dreams of building her deaf school from the ground up and shaping the curriculum for other special needs students, but she also dreams of Plan de Flores becoming a technical training hub for the region.  Her dream is one in which we must invest.

Josue tells us about his history classroom

The Mariana Cafe

Do you know anyone who works with a deaf school?  Do you have any hearing impaired friends?  Mariana needs volunteer teams to come teach math/science/reading/history/etc. through sign language.  Vanderbilt University sends a team each summer, but Plan de Flores needs more!  Contact AHMEN today to learn how you can donate to the deaf school or organize a team.

Together, we are the difference.

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