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Tuesday, February 23, 2016

Feeding the Current: Rio de Agua Viva 2016

Join me in working with a motivated group of Honduran families who will shine brighter because of the skills & talents you have to share.  I want to personally invite you to join AHMEN's Rio de Agua Viva team this June 17-27.

What's the situation? Rising global tides, rapidly-changing economies, and preventable disease are reducing native Garifuna & Moskito populations throughout the rural N. Coast of Honduras.  

So what does the Rio team do?  Local Garifuna and Moskito leaders identify subjects about which they would like to raise awareness, and we teach them.  In addition to the areas below, we have a job for you!

  • Life-Saving Medical Education
  • Child Nutrition and Clean Water
  • Long-Term Planning
  • Business Basics

Adventure begins upon arrival. Our team adds new Honduran partners all along meandering Honduran roads until they disappear into sandy beaches. The Caribbean Sea’s foamy surf transforms into our makeshift boulevard until it too meets the same fate as the paved road. Into long, dugout canoes, and our highway is the Rio Platano Biosphere. Just as you begin to wonder if your boating adventure among sprawling waterways and foggy mountain backdrops was "but a dream" a welcome party along the riverbank reminds you who you have come to meet.

Share life-saving education with mothers, fathers, and children this summer!  Join the Rio team's life-changing adventure.  Take a leap of faith.  Get on the boat!

For more information contact me today!  To donate to our cause, contact me or click here!

Together, we are the difference.

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