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Wednesday, October 8, 2014

Donations Help Training Replicate in Honduras

Ebola.  Enterovirus. ISOL.  Global Climate Change.  Androcentrism.  Ongoing Neocolonial Geopolitics.  An exodus of Honduran youth to the U.S.

Byron Morales and ASI-Jutiapa Chief Promoters Carmen Giron
and Edy Valdavieso
These are just a few of the larger issues facing our world today.  They seem insurmountable.  How much money has been invested to overcome each one?  How much good can money do to solve world crises?

I’m here to tell you that it is not how much is invested but how it is invested.  $10,000 isn’t a whole heck of a lot of money when we are talking about hurdles like pandemics, climate collapse, and discrimination on a macro level, but $10,000 a year is exactly the amount needed to help Byron Morales of SIFAT fully catalyze true transformation across Honduras.

Byron Morales and ASI-Yorito agent Zulema

And there is proof in the pudding!

After five years of facilitating community development workshops in Cusuna (outskirts of Colón), Jutiapa (outskirts of Atlántida), and Yorito (in Yoro district), Dr. Byron Morales reports major breakthroughs.

·         Cusuna community agents are beginning to communicate via Facebook
·         Cusuna community agents have graduated from the “Agentes Comunitarios de Salud Integral” program and are developing their local projects
·         Cusuna community agent, Pastor Willington plans to start his own workshop program specifically for the La Moskitia area
·         ASI-Jutiapa will complete its final workshop this year and will be ready to begin “Year 2” in 2015
·         Byron Morales is rotating leadership roles at ASI-Jutiapa so that each member of the core local organizing committee has an opportunity to practice organizing successive workshops
·         Dr. Morales and the chief promoters of ASI-Yorito have requested that members of the jewelry school in Los Laureles (Las Mujeres Bisuteras de Dios) come share their lessons in business, handicrafts, and long-term planning
·         The local organizing committee for ASI-Yorito implemented its own workshop in September while Byron was teaching at SIFAT
·         Members of ASI-Yorito have already begun organizing HIV/AIDS prevention and awareness campaigns in the local high schools

The goal of AHMEN-SIFAT Initiative is for communities to learn to organize around local health issues, economic problems, government malfeasance, environmental degradation, and social ills so that they can develop a plan to overcome these circumstances with sustainable solutions.  Is the motivation, education, and transformation of 180 individuals across 30 communities worth $10,000 annually?  Yes!  Just $55/yr per community agent stands to help entire social circles in Honduras learn to be the solution to their own problems.

ASI-Yorito Coordinating Committee

How many community agents can you help sponsor yearly over the course of their training?  This is one situation where your $100 bill serves as a long-term investment you can trust.

Contact me for more info on how to join the AHMEN-SIFAT Initiative today.  Also feel free to ask about how you can go teach at one of the ASI workshops across Honduras.

Change is slow and requires bottom-up solutions.  We value your donation as a way to transform countless lives now and in the future.  We can help Hondurans build the reality they want to see.  Begin your monthly or yearly sponsorships today.

Together, we are the difference.

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