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Saturday, July 13, 2013

Massaging My Way Across Honduras

As promised, a followup story from Caden Camp.  Enjoy!

Hi Y'all,

I am Caden Camp of Camp's Therapeutic Massage in Jasper, Alabama.  I have been working  with AHMEN teams for 12 years now, and I think I am finally coming into my own in terms of the role I play in Honduras.

The first time I used my skills as a massage therapist was in Ciriboya, Honduras while giving a presentation  entitled "Therapeutic Uses of Massage in Medical Therapy" at the 4th annual international, medical seminar  held at the Garifuna hospital in Ciriboya.  I concentrated on the cervical spine problems mostly originating from the women carrying bundles of wood on there head and shoulders.

In Cusuna, Honduras I taught SIFAT-AHMEN community health care workers the benefit of massage. Very often they are the soul source of healthcare in their village.  Knowledge of evaluating the needs for giving massage and the appropriate techniques is often the patients' first contact for the problem.

Working with community agents in Jutiapa, Honduras was a unique experience in that the SIFAT-AHMEN community agents were interested in the deep tissue massage.   In addition, my own "masseuse in training" Alice Leeth doubled our effectiveness.

At Shalom, the home for at-risk young women in la Ceiba, Honduras, everyone was excited to learn massage as a way of relieving the stress of dorm life.

On the island of Roatan, Honduras I used massage to establish comfortable flow of communication with the ladies at the local Methodist church as well as the local centro de salud.

During interviews with the students with the jewelry making school in Los Laureles, Honduras I used massages to establish personal contact.

My team mates on each of these missions receive the benefit of my knowledge and love of people for relief of their own stress that is a part of all mission work.  I used to think I needed some special skill to help in Honduras...Now I know all I need to do be me!

Please contact Michael if you would like to donate to my continued mission teams.  I sure do love massage therapy....and Honduras!!

Together, we are the difference.

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