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Saturday, March 30, 2013

Hunger to Hope in One Generation: Women Beading for God, Pt. 3

Introducing the “Río de Agua Viva” team!

To La Ceiba, Honduras we go to TEACH, to LISTEN, and to CARE. Made up of a wide variety of first-time missionaries, this team and its message are growing. Up from ten members after just a few weeks to almost twenty after three months of planning. Why has this team grown so large in the absence of a typical AHMEN medical brigade component? I think the key part in our message, beyond TLC, is our pursuit to SHARE!

Sharing is an equal exchange, a luxury we take advantage of, and an experience that the disenfranchised don't always enjoy on a regular basis. Of course, the under-appreciated of the world are forced to sacrifice as a form of sharing, but true sharing is not a sacrifice! The act of teaching is sharing information. Information is power. The process of listening opens up pathways for empathy. To empathize is to begin to break down barriers. The act of caring is a pursuit of freedom. Being free is to build bridges to success and burn down the ones toward failure. Sharing is what we are on this earth to do.

Who is on this team??

What will they be doing in La Ceiba?

Stay tuned to find out next week...Same AHMEN time, Same AHMEN blog!

Together, we are the difference.

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  1. As Children we were taught to share, and Jesus has required us to share the gospel with all people this is what A.H.M.E.N. does and that is what we are to do every day as Christians.