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Wednesday, October 17, 2012

AHMEN Effectiveness Training

an aptitude for making desirable discoveries by accident.
good fortune; luck

I mean how lucky could I be?  The week before my first scheduled AHMEN Team Leader Training event, I was invited to attend and speak at an UMVIM, SEJ “Go and Serve: A YoungAdult Team Leader Training Weekend” lead by the best of the best, Paulette West and Cristin Farrington.

The folks above have committed to transform the world through “Christian Love in Action”

Paulette and Cristin did a great job organizing their workshop.  I especially enjoyed the way they modeled each of the sections within the UMVIM, SEJ training manual for participants.  Partnering with Urban Ministry, trainees stayed overnight and trained at Walnut Grove UMC in Midfield. Trainees reviewed the UMVIM training manual on Friday evening, and we joined an Urban Ministry mission project with the Joe Rush Center to help paint a local grandmother's home. To end the weekend, we returned to Midfield to conclude training and hear from guest speakers Kristan Lewis Walker, Jeremy Walker, and ME!

Cristin and Paulette must know what is on my heart because they assigned me the coolest section in the UMVIM manual...the missionary lifestyle and charity to justice component. I told some stories about my history as a volunteer in Honduras, but I'm not going to tell you which ones here. You'll have to come to my next training session to hear for yourself...

Whether veteran or new, these are your newly trained AHMEN Team Leaders!

The “Go and Serve” training was excellent preparation for the following Saturday when I was joined by the most amazing group of AHMENers. Friday night before the training I told my mom that I anticipated 5-10 people at the most. Much to my delight, however, Hugh and Mary Guffey, Jim and Emilie Sims, Mary “Butterfly” Capps and Lauren Watkins, Lynn Giedinghagen, Magan Hamrick, Melody and Hunter Johnson, Lou Altman, Andrea Altman, Josue Altman, Caden Camp, Casey Farrington, Cindy Richards, and Dr.Reverend Regenia Garrett all darkened the doors of Christ UMC to train as team leaders!

From Left: Casey Farrington, Cindy Richards, Mary "Butterfly" Capps

In addition to 16 trainees' attendance, I especially enjoyed the participation. Some of the most useful traits one can have in a team member are openness and curiosity...this group had both. Whenever a personal experience would have helped add some “umph” to a particular section of the handbook, our AHMENers were there to share. Whenever a tough topic presented a point for further exploration, these team leaders freely asked questions. Even better, when some disagreed with my conjectures, we were able to discuss freely without throwing mud or packing up our toys. I feel like every single individual present added something special to the training that would have otherwise been lacking.

From Left: Hunter Hamrick, Melody Hamrick, Magan Hamrick, Jim Sims, and Michael Franklin

Thank you to UMVIM, SEJ for the privilege of being empowered to train AHMEN leadership. Thank you to Christ UMC for giving me a place to host our AHMEN Team Leader Training. Finally, thank you AHMEN for trusting me to lead you through the process of becoming the best team leader you can be.

Where is the road taking you?

 We have all been called to Honduras to make a difference. Training, reflection, research, and preparation will ensure we make a positive difference. We are a blessed group of individuals with differing beliefs but common dreams that more Hondurans can live more just lives. Let's continue to do this as a group. We can achieve little of significance separately, but together, we are the difference.


  1. Blessed to find your blog, through my husband (the ARMY shirt guy in the middle:)
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    Hugs, Jen @ www.frazzled5.com

    1. Thanks, Jen...I am blessed to have a new follower :)
      Feel free to contact me anytime about leading a team to Honduras or joining and AHMEN project!