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Wednesday, June 27, 2012

"De La Montaña Al Mar" Has Returned!!

Honduras Bound!
The “De La Montaña Al Mar” team has returned to the United States after a busy 12-day mission to Honduras, and boy were we successful! I don't think in 14 years of mission work that I have been on such a successful team, and I'm sad to say that my inaugural stint as team leader didn't have much to do with itThis team has been blessed to come together every step of the way with the right people at the right time. And with the right team, we aim to build relationships across Honduras so that nobody is left behind!

The "De La Montaña" Portion of the team
“De La Montaña Al Mar” means “From The Mountain To The Sea.” We didn't choose this name as some nod to our mentality that Honduras is a “land for you and me” but instead to simply describe the path of our mission work. After flying in to San Pedro Sula, our team traveled to the mountain community of La Esperanza. We spent five nights there holding medical clinics by day and clean water talks by afternoon. We also spent a significant amount of time building relationships between AHMEN, the communities where we worked, and the local hydroelectric company. On Day 6 of our journey, we traveled to the seaside community of La Ceiba to catch the next day's ferry to Utila. So as not to have any time wasted, before catching the ferry, we were able to visit the local city dump in La Ceiba to gather information for EzekielNichols' long-term project there. Once on Utila, our team focused our attention on unpacking, stamping, cataloging, and shelving books for the local public school library. We were also able to loan the school two Sawyer 0.1 micron water filters so that students and teachers can begin the process of enjoying a safe and sustainable source of water throughout the year. Relationships, water, long-term – these are the words of our new approach to mission work in Honduras. We worked our way from the mountain to the sea, but this is not a one-time deal. Top to bottom, AHMEN is here for the long-haul!

From Left to Right: Keyla, Suyapa, Amanda, Michael

If you are thinking that this team didn't sound all that successful, well then you have to stay tuned...! In the coming blog posts I will feature short profiles of our team's members. I will specifically highlight the miracle revealed through Mary “Butterfly” Capps. I will talk about three different ways we saw women empowering themselves. You will read about the connections this team made, and you will read about the role of AHMEN missionaries as both workers and ambassadors.

Look for the coming blog posts to learn more about relationships-based missions in Honduras:

  •  De La Montaña Al Mar: The Crew
  •  Mariposa's Miracle
  • Representing The Church And Democracy
  • ¿Feminista o Mujerista?: AHMEN Investing in Women

There is much to read and see! Look for these upcoming blog posts, and as always, continue to follow us on the honduranmissions.com website and facebook pages.

For a live presentation of this team's philosophy on mission work, please feel free to attend Christ United Methodist Church in Jasper, Al this Sunday, July 1 at 11 A.M. for a special missions service.

1401 Jones Dairy Road  Jasper, AL 35501
(205) 387-7603 

Together, we are the difference.

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