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Thursday, May 3, 2012

AHMEN FUNdraiser!

When I was a little kid, I remember reading a story about this man who wore a bunch of hats.  He walked around town, and everywhere he stopped, he put on another hat.  I always thought this story a little confusing.  Why in the world would anyone want to wear more than one hat??  It doesn't work like that!  Twenty years later, and I finally understand....the story is about mission work.  Because when we all joined AHMEN fourteen years back, we were led to a bin with a hundred hats in it....and expected to wear all of them!

As many of us have come to find out, we signed on to do one thing, but we have ended up doing many others.  Bruce McFadden began volunteering on medical teams and has now designed AHMEN's online mobile database. Mary and Hugh Guffey signed up to volunteer as eye-care technicians and have now transformed what AHMEN is able to do in terms of eye-care. Dr. Tom Camp signed up to be a volunteer doctor and ended up helping found AHMEN!

The Gang is getting back together!
Even within a single mission team, team leaders ask members to wear many hats.  This weekend, for example, our "De La Montaña Al Mar" team will be having a FUNdraiser at the Lynn Car Show Saturday mornng, May 5, 2012 from 8-12.  Our chief FUNdraiser, Butterfly the Clown, has reserved a booth for our team to raise money, and she has asked us all to "put on an additional hat" by volunteering our support.  Brian Price is our team EMT, but he is going to put on another hat.  Lauren Watkins is our team journalist, and she is going to wear an extra hat.  Amanda Alldredge is a first-time AHMEN missionary but will be adding another hat to her wardrobe. Even Caden Camp, who is not even on the team, will be there donning an extra cap!

Butterfly will be painting faces and making balloon animals for anyone who needs a smile.  Caden Camp will be giving out free 5-10 minute massages for anyone needing stress relief.  Neither will accept money for themselves, only donations for the team....What a hat to wear!  We will also be raffling off a $25 Wal-Mart Gift Card, a $25 AutoZone Gift Card, TWO Car Wash kit, and a free 45-minute massage.  Tickets will only be $1 so make sure you come on out and buy at least $5 worth!

So what do you think?  Are you ready to add another hat to your repertoire?  Invite everyone you know to come on out to the Lynn Car Show, look at some classic cars, eat a corn dog, buy some raffle tickets, get your face painted, and help spread the good news of what AHMEN is all about!
May 5, 2012 from 8-12 AM Come for however long you can!
The address is:
Lynn School                
1129 W. Main
Lynn, Al 35575
Contact me at ahmen.info@gmail.com for more info!
Together, we are the difference. 
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  1. Is this a tax deductible donation? Who do we make the check out to? Where is Lynn?

    1. Lynn is 27 miles up HWY 5 from Jasper, Al. All donations to AHMEN are tax deductible and come with a free blessing! Checks should be made out to AHMEN, and specify on the "For" line where you want the donation to go. Thanks for asking!!