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Saturday, December 24, 2011

ASI - Yorito

Tonight somewhere in Honduras a baby will be born nearby a manger to a set of parents with little option but to settle down in their hometown. Present at her commencement ceremony will be the “Three Kings” of the 2/3 world: crippling poverty, malnutrition, and little social mobility. She may become a Queen of Queens, or she may be prevented from reaching her full potential as a human being due to the same inequalities against which Jesus spoke. She might unwillingly become a prisoner to human trafficking, or she could become the future Honduran leader capable of both liberating and ecumenical transformation in Honduras. 

One factor in determining the course of most individuals' lives revolves around the options available to them. About three years ago A.H.M.E.N. (Alabama Honduras Medical Educational Network) began investing in a partnership “option” with an organization called S.I.F.A.T. (Servants in Faith and Technology). What I have come to call the A.H.M.E.N. - S.I.F.A.T.Initiative, a partnership between both groups, seeks to train local community leaders across Honduras in appropriate technology and social productivity in order to help Honduran families shape their own futures.

Today, the AHMEN-SIFAT Initiative is going strong.  The health promoters in Cusuna graduated to their second year in the three-year program this past August, and they have already begun the next cycle of training. Additionally, a new workshop is opening in Belaire to serve our partners, nearer La Ceiba, who are unable to attend the Cusuna workshops. Additional workshops cast a wider net of accessibility to our united efforts, and the workshop opening in Yorito awaits an already united class of community health promoters.

As Byron Morales awaits the opening of his second community development workshop in Honduras (the first in Yorito), many strong and independent community leaders stand at the ready. Peace Corps volunteer, Nina Pfeiffer, whose position is in our prayers, has been working with a local community leader named Fanny Aviles to help start two area HCSKs – Health Center Soup Kitchens. During a recent Christmas dinner, the soup kitchens served around 160 children a bountiful and nutritious dinner featuring two HUGE turkeys, rice, lots of veggies, potatoes, juice, tortillas, and of course CAKE!! Now we know Byron loves his cake, but I imagine the type of energy encouraging volunteerism like this is what is REALLY on Byron's Christmas wish list...!

Who's been good for Santa???
Which one will end infanticide and femicide in Honduras?
What seems like a blessing, in the fact that the communities of Yorito and Pacayal enjoyed a much-deserved Christmas dinner, is truly a miracle in the united efforts of both communities weekly addressing the effects of malnutrition on young families' development. In Fanny and Nina's words “with some mothers bringing veggies, others tortillas, others cheese, etc AND helping to cook the meals ~ well, this is such a community effort!” 

Much-Needed Vegetables
Who needs meat when you have this??

Fanny was part of the Yorito-based contingent of fifteen students who attended the innagural AHMEN-SIFAT workshop in Cusuna. This January she, and many other local community agents seeking to lead their communities into a post-colonialist future, will become the first class in Byron's ASI – Yorito. What a cool Christmas present this is for everyone involved to consider where Fanny and her future health promoter colleagues may be a year....two year....three years from tonight! 

Please consider joining A.H.M.E.N. and S.I.F.A.T. as we work to build partnerships for prosperity across Honduras. Feel free to leave your questions and comments below. For extra info visit honduranmissions.com and sifat.org If you have questions, including how to donate, Dr. Tom Camp, Cristin Farrington, Mary Guffy, and I are waiting to hear from you at ahmen.info@gmail.com

I can't wait to join Fanny in the AHMEN-SIFAT Initiative!!

Happy Holidays To All!!

What do you mean you aren't going to donate to ASI??

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