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Thursday, February 17, 2011

With Hunger, Without Parents

After several years of working with A.H.M.E.N. as mission team leaders, Danny and Brenda Arnold decided they wanted to do more.  Instead of spending their Christmas vacation in Chicago with family, they took a solo trip to ask Honduran communities what they were seeking from God, for their community. 
They asked and they received!  

A concerned Limonian told Danny and Brenda that she had been praying for a solution to the hunger and malnutrition rampant in the  large population of children orphaned by the effect of HIV/AIDS. Within a year the Limon Nurture Center was founded, but the story the Arnolds returned with ultimately changed the vision of A.H.M.E.N. from one based on American assumptions to one based on Honduran needs.

Serving First Meals in 2006: Michael Franklin, Justin Carroll, Caden Camp, Corbitt and Brianna White

What started out as a feeding kitchen serving 3 meals/week to 30 kids has slowly become a community staple. As of right now A.H.M.E.N., through partnerships with Cruzadas del Evangelico (a local Protestant Church) and the community leaders of Limon, is facilitating the serving of 5 meals/week to 50-60+ orphans who have no place else to go for a meal, let alone a nutritious meal.

So, why am I telling you?  Rev. Dale Capron of Christ United Methodist Church in Jasper has organized a system, with several other area churches, to permanently fund the Limon Nurture Center.  We invite you to join in the effort of ensuring these children still know the comfort of a loving hug and hearty meal!

Limon's Future

Hunger and malnutrition are no joke.  In Belaire, another community welcoming A.H.M.E.N., 3 children died recently from malnutrition.  Funding for LNC will run out this March, and we have to find a way to continue this vital community staple until the general orphan-poverty-malnutrition-disease cycle is broken.

I am inviting you to come as my guest to learn more about this project that has encouraged hope in Limon.  I invite you to tell your friends and family about what we are trying to do.  I am asking you to take this email to your church.  Please pass this request on to whomever you think might want to get involved. Most of all, I invite you to pray for this mission.

What do you
need to do?      Come to a free dinner to learn more about 
                                what you can do to help

Where?             Christ UMC
                                  Jones Dairy Road
                                  Jasper, Al 
                                  For directions, Call 205-387-7603

When?              Feb. 25th
                                  6:30 p.m.

Let me know if you are coming.  We'll make room for you!

Bring a  
friend?             You Bet! Childcare will be provided too!

How much does
it cost?             Nothing, I am paying for your coming as
                                 my guests.

What will 
we do?             Eat gourmet BBQ
                                Listen to two speakers talk about the 
                                Limon Nurture Center and the greater goals
                                of A.H.M.E.N.


What can you do to help a child smile?


  1. Your blog is great. It tells a great story. I think it is great you have worked with AHMEN for 13 years. Reading about the hunger and malnutrition is heart-wrenching. Thanks for sharing this important information. It truly makes me want to do more. I know God is using AHMEN to serve His people in Honduras. It's A God Thing.