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Wednesday, June 8, 2022

Adding Torches to Light the Way

Over the last few years, just as the Rio de Agua Viva team hit its peak, I began to turn the reigns over to Greg Thompson. If you follow AHMEN on Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, or YouTube, you have seen that Gregory is exceeding all expectations.

Check out what Greg has planned this year!

Course: Styling and Salon Management
Instructor: Sarah Hunterman – hair stylist of 20+ years, 8+ years in salon education, and owns a salon business

The hair workshop will be a hands-on introduction to client consultation, wet cut, clipper cut (fades), and styling. The hair workshop will be designed to train the learner to create beautiful and stylish hair designs on paying clients. This can include cut, style, and salon operation discussions.

Course: Information Technology for Business Administration
Instructor: Kyle Hollis – Owner and Manager of Pensieve LLC, a consulting company for employee human resources management utilizing information technology

This course will provide an exploratory foundation in business office administration and support. Students will complete many hands-on activities to build a foundation in Microsoft Office software applications. Through instructional activities, students will have opportunities to apply employability skills and research possible career options in business administration.
            Activities will include:
            1) Resume Building
            2) Profit & Loss Statements
            3) Budgeting
            4) Business Presentations

Course: Plumbing for Maintenance and Construction
Instructor: Jesse Thompson – Employee of Fix and Flow Plumbing Co.

Summary: Plumbing is a trade that has transformed humanity's lifestyle. This course is designed to give a very high level overview of some basic plumbing concepts such as water flow, pipe types, and tools utilized. This course will also address practical skills for common plumbing repairs. Upon completion, participants should be able to do basic diagnostics and repairs of fundamental plumbing systems such as toilets, drains, sinks, and showers.

Course: Carpentry Basics and Power Tool Operation
Instructor: Gregory Thompson – Owner and Manager of Real Estate Investment Company

This course is designed to give a high-level overview of carpentry and other items that utilize wood as a construction material. Upon completion, participants should be able to understand some basic construction concepts to facilitate more in-depth learning. In addition, the proper utilization of power tools will be covered.

Course: Massage for Relaxation and Revenue Generation
Instructor: Karen is a local massage therapist in the Jutiapa area. Eliany, the chief community agent in Jutiapa, has arranged for Karen to join us as an additional lesson to close out the workshop.

This course is designed to give the attendee knowledge of performing therapeutic massage for relaxation and muscle therapy. This is a hands on course in which the participants will learn techniques, muscle structure, and how to operate a profitable business performing massages.

Wow! God really shows out when you give Him/Her/It a chance! Now that Greg has the Rio team on autopilot, it will most likely be time for me to start a new team of my own or continue with the theme of having "A" and "B" teams. If you would like to explore joining the Rio team and traveling to remote locations to serve indigenous communities through educational development, CONTACT ME TODAY!!

And stay tuned for updates from the field.

Thank you to Greg again for taking on this team that I believe is truly the hands of God. Individually, we stand stagnant without the energy to light the way, but together, we are the difference.